River tables and cast table tops typically incorporate epoxy to fill voids, create or define shapes and/or “glue” two or more live edge slabs together.  We also use polymer modified concrete to achieve the similar results, but with a different appeal.  The epoxy can be clear, translucent or opaque (solid or with mica illusions).  Aggregate, gemstones, shells and many other things can be used to accent or theme the project.  Have a look at some of these examples, some are still available to purchase while others have been sold, but can be used to get ideas for your project.  There are many options for finishing, varnish, oils, butter, waxes or even flooding with epoxy.  When a high gloss epoxy finish is desired, we sand and polish or topcoat with a high wearing scratch resistant hybrid with a smooth or orange peeled texture, both gloss and low sheen.