• River tables and cast table tops typically incorporate epoxy to fill voids, create or define shapes and/or "glue" two or more live edge slabs together.  We also use polymer modified concrete to achieve the similar results, but with a different appeal.  The epoxy can be clear, translucent or opaque (solid or with mica illusions).  Aggregate, gemstones, shells and many other things can be used to accent or theme the project.  Have a look at some of these examples, some are still available to purchase while others have been sold, but can be used to get ideas for your project.  There are many options for finishing, varnish, oils, butter, waxes or even flooding with epoxy.  When a high gloss epoxy finish is desired, we sand and polish or topcoat with a high wearing scratch resistant hybrid with a smooth or orange peeled texture, both gloss and low sheen.
  • Concrete/Epoxy Creations Various Bases & Sizes
  • Our dining table projects are typically commissioned from our clients, but from time to time we have finished slabs and legs ready to purchase at our studio.  The process begins with a size and species of wood selected from our inventory or we search our numerous local saw mills.  At this point, a theme (if any) is discussed along with the finish and legs.  We look forward to our clients input and making each project unique.
  • We offer numerous formulations of high quality crystal clear 100% solids Epoxies for both coating & casting.  Different cure rates and thickness options for various live edge and countertop applications . CT Epoxy (Ideal for thickness of 10 mils to 1/4")       1/2 Gallon Kit (1 to 1 ratio)            $ 65 1 Gallon Kit (1 to 1 ratio)                $120 2 Gallon Kit (1 to 1 ratio)                $218 Depth HV Mid Pour Epoxy (High Viscosity for thickness of 40 mils to 1/2")   1 Gallon Kit (1 to 1 ratio)                $112 2 Gallon Kit (1 to 1 ratio)                $213 Depth LV Casting Epoxy (Low Viscosity for thickness of 1/2" to 3")       3 Gallon Kit (2 to 1 ratio)                 $320 15 Gallon Kit (2 to 1 ratio)               $1,380 Please visit or call our studio at 610-856-1910 to purchase.
  • Select the Slab and Aggregate Fills of your Choice Accent, Coffee, Dining Tables Bar Tops Turquoise, Gemstones, Granite, Marble, Shells, Glass & More! Filled River Tables
  • These unique faux stone tops are made using various technique incorporating engineered polymer modified concrete and epoxy.  These techniques allow these to be applied over existing tops or even countertops and vanities.    
  • Various Species & Sizes of Raw Cookies
  • Concrete Creations Various Sizes, Styles and Bases Available
  • Decorative Epoxy Inlays & River Tables Select the Slab and Epoxy Colors and Techniques Accent, Coffee, Dining Tables Bar Tops
  • We offer Odie's Oil's complete line of high quality oils, waxes & other finishes ideal for wood, concrete and other substrates. Odie's Oil is a solvent free, non-toxic, food safe, one coat, wood finish and stabilizer that can be used for all interior and exterior applications. It contains no chemicals, hardeners or driers. It contains no "fillers" or low quality refined oils to thin down the product to make it cheaper to manufacture. Each ingredient in Odieʼs Oil is sourced for purity and quality to ensure its effectiveness in the Odieʼs Oil secret formula. The raw materials are then blended in a proprietary, handmade process that ensures an effective and superior finish and stabilizer. Odie's Oil has a creamy, pale amber color and a honey-like consistency with a pleasant odor and no harmful VOCs. Other Odieʼs Oil products include Odieʼs Wax, Odieʼs Wood Butter, Odieʼs Oxi Oil, Odieʼs Dark and Odieʼs Safer Solvent. We have developed a terrific cleaning concentrate that makes cleaning and maintenance a snap! We will be rolling this exciting new product out soon. We also have natural pigment stains in the works. Data Sheets Please visit or call our studio at 610-856-1910 to purchase.


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